Phase 3

Phase 3 Tasks Completed on Wednesday, 12/1/2021

What a great day we had today! Thank you to those who helped today with so much of the work around the site. Check out the list below to see what was completed, and what still remains to be done. Here is what got done today: Final demolition in the downstairs bathrooms. This task is DONE. Cover the exterior door openings with plywood, and build a temporary door into the plywood cover for one door. This task is ALMOST DONE.…

Full Speed Ahead!

Concrete floors are poured… sewer and rough plumbing and rough electrical is done, inspected and approved… trusses are coming and the framers will be onsite on Monday the 22nd to set the trusses and get the roof completed. All glory to God! He has done (and continues to do) great things!

Taking Shape

You can see what the roof line is going to look like now. Not sure why my camera took such blurry pics, but you can get the general shape. Praise the Lord! Progress! Keep praying and giving as the Lord leads!


That’s one of my favorite words. “Penultimate” means “last but one in a series of things”; “next to the last”. It’s a particularly appropriate word for our weekend update, for this Saturday we will celebrate our PENULTIMATE campfire fellowship. Mike and Vickie Mullaly will be hosting at their home between 5-9PM. Their address is 1147 Shenk Rd., Mogadore. They live at the very end of Shenk Rd. Bring a dish to share if you’re able, and a chair on which…

What Are We Building?

The building behind the sanctuary continues to rise. Significant progress is planned for this week, and it should be exciting. Very soon now, we will be making big changes to the sanctuary, and before you know it, the new building will be done and in use! Praise the Lord. This Sunday, in celebration of these things, and as a reminder of the tasks that lie ahead, we will hold “HARD HAT SUNDAY.” Souvenir hard hats will be on hand as…

Sweat Equity – Updated 8/24/2021

One of the ways we are able to cut costs on our building project is when we are able to pick up some of the labor ourselves, saving paying sub contractors. I’m so thankful for those who have been stepping up and doing just that. I know I’ve peppered you with a lot of emails about various tasks. I hope you’ll bear with those communications, as sweat equity tasks are going to be a continual part of the project. Here…

Wanted – A Few Good Men and Women

Church Family, As many of you know, we suffered a flood in Fellowship Hall last weekend. We are in the process of finalizing the cleanup so we can return that part of our facility to usefulness in time for the restart of Sunday School and Nursery. Here is what we need: 1. We need to move all the tables and chairs out of the building and into the trailer so we can finalize cleaning the floor. This is where we…
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