Pathway to Discipleship

Pathway to Discipleship

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Pathway to Discipleship (How Do We Get There?)

Wandering (Seekers)

If you believe in God, but are unsure about Christianity and Jesus Christ, or if you are not sure about God at all, but are willing to keep an open mind, START HERE. Become faithful to Sunday morning worship services. Try one or more of the fellowship opportunities or service activities which are listed in the bulletin or church website each week.

Walking (Believers)

If you are trying to be a follower of Jesus Christ, but your faith has not grown much beyond “church”, move down the path by signing up for the next FBC101 class. After that, the next step is baptism (if you haven’t already been baptized) and church membership. Get involved in a Sunday School class, and begin serving regularly in one of the service activities.

Jogging (Disciples)

If you are a committed follower of Jesus Christ, and have grown beyond “church” to where you are ready to take personal ownership of your relationship with Christ and want to grow deeper in Him, move down the path by actively praying for your neighbors using R.O.N.O.P.A.A.T.* and attending praying meetings. Get involved in a discipleship triad where you will regularly meet with two or three others and learn how to have a daily quiet time with Christ and grow strong in your faith using 2 primary guides – “The Invitation” and “The 2:7 Series – Growing Strong in God’s Family”

Running (Disciplers)

If you are ready to step out and serve Jesus Christ, following Him as a disciple who disciples others, take this final step. Get equipped via one or both of these classes – “The Ways of the Alongsider” and “The 2:7 Series – Deepening our Roots / Bearing Fruit.” So equipped, and with the continuous support and assistance of others who are running with you on the path, you will be encouraged to begin a discipleship triad of your own.

* – R.O.N.O.P.A.A.T. = Reaching Our Neighbors One Prayer At A Time – learn how to sign up for this via the church website.