Weekend Update

Lot’s of stuff happening! Phase 3. Communion. Men’s ministries. Women of the Word. Dual services on the Lord’s Day! Don’t miss out on what’s happening here at FBC!

Food Distribution Update

Those who wish to help with the distribution of food to the children of Waterloo, don’t forget to meet at the church tomorrow (Tuesday) about 10:30. Food and routes should be available about that time for those who wish to drive and make deliveries. Those wanting to distribute food from the church will do so from 11-12PM. The same schedule will be in place for Friday. And thank you in advance, all you who are willing so serve the community…

Food Distribution for School Kids

Just a quick update about the effort to provide lunches for school kids during the school closure. Here is the most recent plan, and the one we will be utilizing going forward: Tuesdays and Fridays there will be food bags delivered to the church by 10:00 AM. We will need a few people (don’t need a lot, just a few) to distribute these bags in two ways: From 11-12 we will be open for people to come to the church…

Meals and Missionaries!

It’s MEN’S PRAYER BREAKFAST TIME!!! Men, you won’t want to miss this wonderful event, Saturday at 8:00. It’s hard to say what is more valuable – the food, the friendships, or the time in the Word and prayer. And this Sunday, we have our missionary partner Teena Embaugh joining us in both the Sunday School and morning worship hours. You’ll rejoice when you hear what is accomplished with your missions giving!  


First meeting – this evening (Thursday) at 6:30 in Fellowship Hall! Don’t miss it!

Christmas Time Is Here!

We aren’t having quite as many Christmas activities this year at FBC, so don’t miss out on the ones we’re having! First, join us Sunday for Sunday School and Worship at 9:30 and 10:30 respectively. Sunday worship will be a special Christmas service with special music by our “pick up” choir. Then, Sunday evening the WOW gals are hosting a Christmas Caroling time at two local nursing homes. Anybody can participate, and the more who do the better we’ll be…

Bacon and Eggs and Sausage – OH MY!

Yes… that’s right. The date we men have been waiting for all summer is finally upon us! This coming Saturday morning at 8:00, we shall once again rejoice to attend Men’s Prayer Breakfast! Not only is the food to die for, the fellowship, prayer, sharing, testimonies, and short message from God’s Word are awesome, too. Join us at 8:00. Bring your Bible. Bring a hearty appetite. You won’t regret it!

Q&A – May Women Teach In The Church?

The question was asked recently – is it ever right for a woman to teach in the local church, considering Paul’s words in 1 Timothy 2:12? Here are a few thoughts on that: The sermon series on 1 Timothy that was referenced in the video may be found here, with the relevant chapters being chapters 4-6 in the document. (Note that this older sermon series is not a full manuscript, but rather my unedited sermon notes. Hopefully, they are still…

What’s So Special About Thursday?

CHICKS, that’s what! Guest speaker tonight talking about essential oils… food theme is Mexican… continuing the study in Nehemiah. Bring new or gently used adult sized ladies clothing to donate to Rahab ministries. and MENS’ BIBLE STUDY. Video lesson on slaying the giant of failure… right after we sample the Mexican food from the CHICKs meeting! Both start at 6:30.

God’s Gift To Me

For I wish that all men were even as myself. But each one has his own gift from God, one in this matter and another in that (1 Corinthians 7:7). In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul was discussing matters of marriage and singleness. Further on in the chapter he turned his attention to matters concerning divorce and remarriage. It’s all good reading, and a great chapter for all believers, whether married or unmarried, to get a grasp of. As I was…
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