What Are We Building?

The building behind the sanctuary continues to rise. Significant progress is planned for this week, and it should be exciting. Very soon now, we will be making big changes to the sanctuary, and before you know it, the new building will be done and in use! Praise the Lord.

This Sunday, in celebration of these things, and as a reminder of the tasks that lie ahead, we will hold “HARD HAT SUNDAY.” Souvenir hard hats will be on hand as a gift to all in attendance. I’m encouraging you to wear your FBC tee shirts (any of them… we’ve had a lot of different FBC shirts over the years. Wear the newest ones if you have them, or wear one from VBS or softball, or any of the earlier designs.) If you haven’t yet received one, we have them available for purchase and you can pick one up Sunday morning. We sell these shirts at cost. We don’t use them as a fund raiser, but rather as a wonderful means of letting others know about FBC. Have you ever noticed how when you wear a shirt with something written on it, people look at that and read it? Let’s have them reading about FBC!

Wear your shirts, and don your hard hats, and join us for Hard Hat Sunday. This week, September 12th. Sunday School starts at 9:30 and the worship service at 10:30.

And remember… always remember… never forget…




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