Weekend Update

Well Brothers and Sisters, it’s the beginning of Holy Week this coming Sunday – Palm Sunday. The service will be similar to what we’ve done the last two weeks. I’ll send you a suggested outline to follow as you gather in your homes to worship, and there is a video portion to the service that will be included. Usually we have palm branches to wave as we remember Christ entering Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday. We won’t have those this year, but perhaps you could go cut some other kind of leafy branch and bring it into the service with you, just as a reminder!

Be watching the blog here, or Facebook, or your email, for details on the Palm Sunday service.

Good Friday is a week away, but we will try and have our regular evening service that day, as we remember our Lord on the cross. We will observe communion together as part of that service. To enable that, we have individually sealed communion bread and juice sets that you can use. If you would like to participate, you’ll need to swing by the church next week, Tuesday-Friday between 9A-12P to pick up the communion sets. There will be a container on the porch and you can take as many as you need.

Also, pertaining to Good Friday, those who ordered flowers may pick them up on Friday morning, April 10, between 10-12.

Keep the faith Church. The King is coming!


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