Putting It In High Gear!

Putting It In High Gear!

Operation Christmas Child for 2020 is now speeding toward the end. Here are the important things to remember, pray about, and participate in:

PACKING PARTY – This coming Saturday, November 21st at 10:00 AM. Join us as we work together to pack as many shoe boxes as we can. Knowing that this is a challenging year, the team has worked hard to make this event as safe as possible. There is a plan for maintaining distancing, and still packing A LOT of boxes. Masks are always available here for anybody who doesn’t have one, so if you want to wear a mask you’re covered. JOIN US. Refreshments will be provided.

PACK YOUR OWN – There are still plenty of empty boxes available should you want to pick one or more up and pack your own box(es). Just make sure to have them returned before the end of collection week, which ends November 23rd.

One more thing – we will need some help on Saturday after the packing party, to get the sanctuary back together before Sunday services. If any deacon(esse)s would be willing to help with that (probably about 12:00 PM), we could have it done quickly. 


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