Family Worship for May 31, 2020

Family Worship for May 31, 2020

Hopefully, this will be the last of these posts. Unless something changes dramatically with the COVID19 situation, we will be meeting back at the church starting next Lord’s Day. For those who cannot join us in person, or are ill or at risk, we will continue to offer an online option via Youtube Live, though, for the foreseeable future.

We will hold 2 services starting next Sunday. Those whose last names begin with A-K may join us at 9:00 AM, and those whose last names begin with L-Z may join us at 10:30.

This week’s family worship outline is as follows:

  1. Gather your group together and, after one of you prays for the service, read John 1:35-51 together.
  2. Talk it over. Some questions to discuss amongst yourselves:
    • Other than Jesus Christ and John the Baptist, who were the other 5 men mentioned in this passage? Who was the “unnamed” one?
    • The passage describes how all 5 were reached for Christ… how they came to Him. Think of them as examples of how we might reach our family and friends for Christ. How was each of them influenced for Jesus in a different way?
  3. Watch this week’s video, which is here. Make sure and sing along when prompted in the video.
  4. Pray together one last time.


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