Beginning Again!

Finally… after about 3 months of separation, we meet again! And oh how we look forward to seeing all of you again. We need each other.

I recently read a Tweet from Mark Dever that really struck home to me. Mark is pastor of Capital Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. and a well known speaker at conferences around the country. Mark’s Tweet said, “I’m not planning on tweeting much this week. I’m away with Connie for our anniversary. I do observe, however, that not meeting as a church for a few months now takes a toll on any wisdom I have. I am made wiser by the constant interaction with others. I have been impoverished.” I read that and couldn’t help but think, “me too.”

We need each other. We are made less when we are unable to gather. No digital offering can provide a true and meaningful substitute for what we often call the “one anothers” in the Bible. Only when we are face to face and interacting in a real way, do the admonishments to pray for one another, love one another, weep with one another, rejoice with one another, etc. take on real meaning.

SO PRAISE GOD, this coming Lord’s Day, June 7th, we will once again meet together one with another! I hope you’ll join us if you feel safe doing so. If you are at risk of COVID, or feel unsafe venturing out yet, PLEASE STAY HOME. We will be live streaming on Youtube for those who are unable to be with us in person.

A couple reminders:

  1. Two services – 9:00AM for those with names beginning with A-K and 10:30AM for those with names beginning with L-Z.
  2. Please enter the building no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of your service, and please exit the building immediately following the conclusion of your service. Any fellowship and talking amongst brothers and sisters needs to take place in the parking lot, and not in the building. Based on what I’ve seen in our live meetings the last two Wednesdays, and our leadership team meetings onsite, this will be the hardest part of our restart. We love and miss each other and just want to be together. But please do your best to follow the 10 minute rule. In no earlier than 10 before, and out no later than 10 after.
  3. Masks are up to you. Do what you feel right and safe, and respect and trust others to do the same.
  4. Parents, please take responsibility for the children, and keep the family together at all times when in the building. Much of the building is currently closed and off limits, in order to minimize the need to sanitize. Please ensure those off limits areas are observed.

What a joy it will be to be together this coming Sunday! Pray pray pray pray for a good day in the Lord’s house.


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