A Slight Change Of Plans

A Slight Change Of Plans

Church Family,

I had to put my father in the hospital on Sunday evening. He had basically lost the use of his legs, and couldn’t stand. Tests so far have determined that his kidneys are failing, and this may have been the cause of his problem. As is routine at hospitals now, I guess, they performed a COVID test and found that he was positive for that, as well. And, since I was with him most of Sunday afternoon and evening, out of the abundance of caution, Kathy and I will stay at home for the next 10 days. Neither of us are sick or have any symptoms at all. Neither does my dad. But we’ll do the safest thing and quarantine for the suggested time. Pastor Phil has things well in hand for Red Heart Sunday, and Brother Dan has prayer meeting this week. We will also need to postpone the WoW, which was scheduled for Thursday evening. Kathy would like to reschedule that for the following Thursday, February 18th. She will be posting details on the Facebook WoW page. The Men’s Bible study will continue as planned.

I remain, of course, reachable via phone, email, text, etc.

Pray for my dad! And we will see you again starting next Wednesday!

In Christ,


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