A Red Weekend

Are you ready for this weekend? It’s going to be a big one here at FBC!

Saturday morning is a clean up day. Meet at the church at 9:30, for cleaning of tables/ chairs,. nursery, kitchen and storage. Bring cleaning buckets, rags/sponges and cleaners. Many hands make this a minor task! We’ll have the coffee on!

Sunday morning at 9:30 – Sunday School

Sunday morning at 10:30 – RED HEART SUNDAY. Wear something red. Let me say that again – WEAR SOMETHING RED. Our music will be more joyful and exuberant than normal. Our building will be bursting with red. Our smiles will be wider than normal. And we’ll gather in Fellowship Hall after the service for a time of fellowship and food. Red Heart Sunday – an oasis of brightness in the gray desert of February. We’re glad you’re here! Enjoy the music… partake of the fellowship… and join in the fun. Being a Christian is, after all, the most fun thing in all the universe!


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