The Lord’s Day! Family Worship Plans

The Lord’s Day! Family Worship Plans

We’re going to be different from some other churches in how we address our services. We’re going to hold church in our homes, in our families, with fathers and mothers leading their own families in worship.

Please try and follow this brief outline when you gather your family together Sunday morning at 10:30. It will be explained in more detail in this video, but it would work best if you don’t watch the video until you’ve tried to get through steps 1-4a. (Note that the video won’t be live until Sunday morning.)

1. Meet at 10:30 on Sunday morning. Keep your appointment.
2. Once the family is gathered together, somebody should pray.
3. Sing something… a chorus… a hymn.
4. Go around the family and share personal prayer requests.
4a. Read Scripture – at least a full chapter. Either go around and each member read a verse at a time, or choose a family member to read.

(NOTE – I forgot the above step in the video, but it is vital – maybe the most important part!)

5. Listen to or view the pastor’s message (the video link above) if you haven’t done so already.
6. Talk about it. Ask one another how you might apply what was taught…
7. Somebody close in prayer.
8. Hug one another.

Imagine if all of us who could do this, would do this. This pandemic would quickly turn to a revival as families together turn to the Lord.

One final note – if you are alone, or in a situation where there will be nobody in your home willing to meet with you on the Lord’s Day, we will also host an abbreviated version of the above in a Facebook live session at 10:30 on the Friendship Bible Church Facebook page. This live session should not be considered a replacement for the family worship time. If your family is able to do that, please do it. But if not, please join us at 10:30 when we go live on the Friendship Bible Church Facebook page.


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