Prayer Meeting Changes for 12/15

Prayer Meeting Changes for 12/15

Hey Prayer Warriors,

Based on the level of disruption in our sanctuary and fellowship hall this week, we’re going to have to do something different for prayer meeting. Pastor Phil and I have discussed this and here’s what we’d like to suggest you do.

Invite somebody to your home, or accept an invitation to somebody’s home, on Wednesday evening. If you were invited, take some cookies or munchies. If you invited somebody, put the coffee on.

Read Psalm 1 together, and discuss it as a group. Ask yourself these questions about each of the verses:

– Is there something here about God to learn?
– Is there something here about me to learn?
– Is there a promise to claim?
– Is there a sin to avoid?
– Are there specific words or phrases that jump out at me? Why? What do they mean?
– Is there a specific action I should take in the next 24 hours to make this verse live in my life?

Then, talk through the prayer list together and pray over it. (I’ll send the prayer list to everybody this week in email.)

Oh, and if you do this, would you shoot me an email or text and let me know how it went for you? I’d love to hear your testimonies about it.

In Christ,

Phil 1:3


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