It’s THIS SUNDAY! My oh my what a time we’ve got planned. Join us. We’ll sing, we’ll shout, we’ll shout we’ll sing. My oh my what a time!

Here are some details if you missed them – CLICK HERE.

And here are a few last minute thoughts and reminders:

  • Some have expressed concern about the entrance to the property being from US224, which is a highway with traffic moving at speed. Please exercise care with this. The entrance will be marked and someone will be there to ensure you see the entrance. Just signal well in advance, and treat it like any other entrance.
  • If you have concerns about the entrance, and would prefer not to enter there, you can enter Dan and Joan’s normal driveway, and after you’ve unloaded, we will have somebody drive your car around to the 224 entrance for you. Please only use this option if you really need to, though, as it will really stack up the arrival time if very many do this.
  • To ensure we can start on time, please plan on arriving a bit early. The service starts at 10AM, so plan on arriving NO LATER THAN 9:30 to allow time to park and make your way to the arena.

It’s going to be a great day. The weather looks to be beautiful, and the food sounds yummy, and the musicians have been practicing and preparing. It’s going to be a great day to get BACK TO CHURCH!


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