Christmas Cheer

We’ve had quite a few sick and struggling this Christmas season. We usually provide Christmas food baskets to the needy, but this year we’re targetting our own who have been down with COVID or any other such thing. Two things we need:

  1. If you know anybody who is hurting because of COVID or something like it, let us know so we can try and add them to the list of recipients.
  2. If you can donate any of the remaining items / quantities on this list by next Sunday, December 13th, it will greatly help us. We only need these items, so please don’t bring other things, but if you can help please contact Sue at the church office (330-325-7836) and let her know what you’re bringing.
  3. We’ll be packing and distributing the boxes on Saturday, December 19th, at 10:00, so if you can help pack and deliver that will be a big help too!


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