Sweat Equity – Updated 8/24/2021

Sweat Equity – Updated 8/24/2021

One of the ways we are able to cut costs on our building project is when we are able to pick up some of the labor ourselves, saving paying sub contractors. I’m so thankful for those who have been stepping up and doing just that. I know I’ve peppered you with a lot of emails about various tasks. I hope you’ll bear with those communications, as sweat equity tasks are going to be a continual part of the project.

Here are some things we need help with now.

  1. Wednesday at 11:00, 4 loads of gravel will be delivered. We need some men who can spread that gravel around the new kitchen area. This is not a very large area, and if several men volunteer this task won’t take long. Bring a shovel and / or a rake anytime Wednesday afternoon or evening.
  2. Once the gravel is spread, we need a couple guys to spread tarp(s) on the gravel to channel any future rain toward the drains.

Thanks again for helping. Every minute you give to this project, and every effort you put forth, is kingdom work! The souls that will be saved by this building project, and any good that comes from it, will be credited at least in part to your account!

Your grateful pastor,



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