Dear Church Family,

Starting this Sunday, October 4th, we will again be offering Sunday School classes for adults, teens, and children. This will necessitate some changes of which you need to be aware:

Service times will now be:

8:30-9:30 – Early worship service
9:40-10:20 – Sunday School
10:30-11:30 – Late worship service

Note that there is only a 10 minute window between the services and Sunday School. During that time we will be doing our best to run our disinfecting foggers and wipe down high touch points. Please time your arrival for just before start of services, to allow the rooms to remain as empty as possible for that process. And please exit as quickly as possible after each service for the same reason. It’s going to require flexibility on everybody’s part to ensure we can stay as safe as possible while providing these additional and needed services.

Adult Classes that are tentatively being offered:

Mark Salisbury – “Harmony of the Gospels” – will meet in Fellowship Hall
Phil Ross – “Hebrews” – will meet in the sanctuary
Dan Bauer – FBC101 – TENTATIVELY meeting in the conference room. There is some concern that we will not be able to adequately maintain safe distancing in this room, so a final decision will be made Sunday once we see how many want to attend this class.

Kids and Teens classes that are tentatively being offered:

Nanette Efferson – younger kids
Sean Turner – Junior High and High School kids – will meet upstairs in the Senior High class room.

If you choose to attend one of the classes being held in the smaller rooms, I would suggest that you plan on wearing your face covering during the Sunday School hour.

Please pray for a successful restart, and a safe restart. And we’ll see you this Sunday as we go Back to Sunday School!

In Christ,


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