Midweek Prayer Meeting

Midweek Prayer Meeting

Below is the list of prayer requests that have come in recently. I encourage you to stop what you’re doing at 6:30 this evening, and pray over the list. As you do you’ll see that some have already been answered! So praise God for those as well. I’ve posted a brief message for tonight’s prayer meeting on our Youtube channel. You can view it here either before or during the prayer meeting time.

Here is the prayer list for tonight, starting with the ones submitted most recently.

Prayer Chain List for 3/24/2020

Pray for JD Harrod who has a bad cough and fever. Please pray also for Derek and Darcie, that they don’t get sick so that they can care for him. Pray JD gets over it soon, and that the other kids (who are staying with others) remain healthy.

Pray that we all remember to worship the Lord during all of this.

Pray for Amy Johnson, and other health care workers – strength, peace, and safety.

Prayer Chain List for 3/23/2020

In addition to praying for an end to the Coronavirus, and a speedy return to health by all those effected, please pray for these requests that came in today:

Pray for Dave and Jackie Newman, as Jackie suffers from Alzheimers and Dave cares for her.

Continue to pray for Marge Taylor as she awaits surgery.

Continue to pray for Eleanor Jones on hospice with cancer.

Prayer Chain List for 3/21/2020

Pray for the Egli family, as they laid Linda to rest yesterday.

Pray for Suzi Bretland – unspoken requests

Pray for Marge Taylor who is in severe pain awaiting surgery.

Continue to pray for Don and Eleanor Jones, as Eleanor is on hospice at home.

Continue to pray for Heather Molnar following the loss of her mother.

Pray for Loy and Carol Banks and their family – unspoken request.

PRAISE – The Mullaly’s son Craig got the face masks he needed for his fire department in Brimfield. Answered prayer.

Pray for the Mullaly family – they all need to be committed as the christians that they claim to be…

Pray for Pastor Wetsel of Victory Baptist in Brimfield to heal from surgery, as well as for his church during this difficult time.

Pray for Bill Jordan on the list for a liver transplant.

Pray for the Drew Sigmund family… 10 year old little girl has died from a sudden brain aneurysm

Prayer Chain List for 3/19/2020

Praise! Eli Bauer has tested negative for COVID–19 and most likely just has the flu. Still sick and still in isolation, but praise the Lord!

Praise for some of the positive news that’s trickled in today from China and other sources.

Praise for the way this is bringing our church together.

Praise for the way this is bringing churches in our community together.

Prayer for Pastor Myers, who is Chris Johnson’s (pastor’s brother) pastor. Pastor Myers is in ICU with the virus. His wife also has it, but is improving. Pray for their recovery.

Prayer for food distribution Tuesdays and Fridays of each week.

Prayer for elderly among us, and that their needs are met and they are not neglected during this time.

Prayer for a request from Brother and Sister Fitzgerald – Our friend’s twin sister has been hospitalized. (Not yet diagnosed) Also Gary and I are still sick. Don’t know if we’re passing something back and forth (not as serious as others but appreciate prayer). Thank you. We are praying for the church and for Pastor Bill and Kathy as the days unfold.

Prayer Chain List for 3/17/2020

Please pray for Eli Bauer who is aboard ship at sea, with the virus detected on the ship.

Please pray for Pastor Wetzel of Victory Baptist Church – healing from surgery.

Please pray for wisdom for the Mullaly’s son Craig, who is the fire chief in Brimfield.

Please pray for everyone to be wise and safe from the virus, keeping faith and encouraging to each other during our shut in time.


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