What Friendship Bible Church is doing about the Coronavirus

What Friendship Bible Church is doing about the Coronavirus

Dear FBC Family,

In light of the state ban against gatherings of over 100 or more and precautions related to the coronavirus, the FBC elders and staff have met and prayed regarding steps we can take to mitigate the concern some have expressed. It’s important to note that churches are not mandated to follow this ban, but as followers of Jesus Christ, this is an opportunity for us to exercise the peace that passes understanding combined with godly wisdom. Here are some measures we believe will help protect you and the rest of our church family, and we ask for your cooperation:

1. The essential meetings of our church – Sunday School, Sunday morning worship, and Wednesday prayer meetings will continue to meet at the normal times.

2. All other group activities planned between now and the end of March will be cancelled, unless specifically approved by the elders. We will continue to monitor the situation on a week by week basis and amend these restrictions as needed.

3. The church is equipped with 4 very up to date restrooms, a mens’ and a ladies’ room just off the foyer, and a smaller mens’ and ladies’ room downstairs in Fellowship Hall. All are always stocked with soap and paper towels for your use.

4. We have expanded our procedures to increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing, especially in high traffic areas such as door handles, entryways and restrooms. We are also taking steps to ensure that additional cleaning and sanitizing is performed after any extra events, such as funerals.

5. We understand that many in our church family are senior adults who are most susceptible to the virus. If you feel ill in any way, please stay home. Our sermons are available online at https://www.FriendshipBibleChurch.org. Just click on “Sermons”. Use your best discretion to determine if you should come to church on Sunday morning.

6. Although we usually serve communion as part of every Sunday worship service, we will suspend the communion service for now.

7. Rather than pass offering plates during the services, deacons will be stationed at the exits when you leave for you to give your offering.

8. Unfortunately, we expect attendance to decline during this time; however, our financial obligations won’t decrease. There are a few ways to give if you are not in attendance. You can use the regular mail service to mail a check to Friendship Bible Church, PO Box 341, Randolph, OH 44265. You can give your tithes and offerings online at https://www.FriendshipBibleChurch.org. Just click on “Online Giving.” You can also set up automatic giving through your bank.

9. We are a very friendly congregation, and we love our hugs and handshakes. But during this time, we ask that you avoid physical contact with other attendees, including those handshakes and hugs. We know this may be awkward, but if we all agree to this during the remainder of the month, we won’t be offended when someone doesn’t reach out to shake a hand or give a hug.

10. The pastor will continue to hold regular office hours and will work with the staff to ensure business of the church is handled.

11. Updates to these restrictions will be communicated via the church website, so keep an eye on it at https://www.FriendshipBibleChurch.org.

The Pastor and Elders

Friendship Bible Church


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