Weekend Update

Some good stuff happening this weekend:

Tonight (Thursday) 6:30 PM (Well, technically not the weekend, but I’ll include it anyway.) – MEN’S BIBLE STUDY at the Johnson home. I had planned to make pizza on the grill for this, but the weather does not look like it will be cooperating, so Kathy will make something for the guys to eat, instead. I know… you’re truly disappointed. 😉 Whether you’ve attended these studies in the past or not, please join us this evening. Brother Josh Richards will be teaching and the “iron sharpening iron” aspect of the evening is always great.

Sunday – Two service schedule remains in effect. Choose whichever service works best for you. Some have told me they’ve avoided coming back to church because the service they were assigned to didn’t work for them. Excuse removed! Choose whichever is best and join us! 9:00 or 10:30 AM.

Also Sunday – those interested in helping with the Junior Church program when we restart it the first weekend in September, attend a brief meeting between the 2 services – 10:00 in the church business office.

Next week (also not technically the weekend, but I’m on a roll) – Look for some serious construction activity around the church building as repair work begins on the church steeple.

Finally, allow me to share a quick word of encouragement.. some “fresh bread” I came across this morning in my quiet time. The psalmist wrote, I was glad when they said to me, Let us go into the house of the Lord (Psalm 122:1). As I read this today, I noticed something I had not noticed before – the gladness… the joy… was not from being in the house of the Lord, but from the invitation to go there, and the reality that they COULD go there. What a thought for me and for you today! We were apart, and now we can once again go into the house of the Lord. I am glad, and rejoice, whenever we gather, and I hope you will join us in that gladness!


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