The Bread and The Cup

This Lord’s Day is going to be exciting for a couple of reasons.

First, because we will be gathered together in the Lord’s house on the Lord’s Day with the Lord’s people. The long absence did two things amongst those who belong to Jesus – either it made them long for the fellowship of the Lord’s Day or it made them become complacent to it. I hope you’re in the first group! I know I missed it terribly, and found my closeness to Jesus diminished the longer I was away from His church. So just getting together as the Bible commands us and exhorts us is, well, WONDERFUL. (Of course, if you’re still at risk or sick, please make use of the live stream for now.)

Secondly, though, this Sunday is especially wonderful because we will be observing the Lord’s Table for the first time since March. As a church that’s accustomed to communion being a central part of every service, this has been a difficult omission. Here is how we will handle the Lord’s Table, and keep it safe: When you enter the building, you will see the communion kits (prepackaged and sealed) on a table just inside the entry door. Please take one. Parents, please take what you need for those of your children who have trusted Christ and are able to take communion. We have just about exactly enough kits (more on order), so only take what you need. Keep the communion kits with you, unopened, until the end of the service, when we will take communion together. As you leave, you will see baskets at the exit for disposing of your cups.

It’s going to be a great day in the Lord’s house. I hope you can join us!

Oh, and one more thing is happening this weekend. Saturday, from 12-6PM, we will be showing the “Evolution Exposed” Zoom webinar put on by Living Waters. Speakers include Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Dr. Jason Lisle, Del Tackett, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence, Bryan Osborne, Dan Biddle, Eric Hovind, John Harris, and Tim Chaffey. Pray that our technology works well, and join us for some or all of the presentation. Since our kitchen is currently closed, BYOM (bring your own munchies). The restriction on eating and drinking in the sanctuary will be lifted for this event!

Remember – You Have Friends Here!



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