Returning (albeit slowly) to Normal

Returning (albeit slowly) to Normal

We (the elders and I) have been prayerfully trying to determine when and how we should return to normalcy here at FBC. It is not an easy decision, and I certainly ask for your prayers. Knowing that no decision we make will be agreed to by all, we are carefully considering and planning for the following next steps:

  1. On April 11th (i.e. the Sunday following Easter), we will return to a single service format with normal seating arrangement. All currently practiced sanitization practices will, of course, still be in place.
  2. We have not yet determined a timeframe for changing our current unidirectional flow through the building, or mask wearing or social distancing. Our current thinking is that once the vaccines are available to all who want them, these restrictions will be lifted.

All of this is, of course, dependent on whether or not COVID continues to decline, and we will modify our position as needed. Please pray with us, and help us make the return to normalcy work! Pray for unity and peace in our church. Pray that we will base our decisions on truth… on God’s Word… on the leading of the Holy Spirit. Pray!


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