Macro or Micro?

That’s the question for prayer meeting this Wednesday. Want to know more? Join us at 6:30 as we open the word, fellowship with one another, and pray together. You need not pray aloud. God hears whether silent or aloud, so just come… join us… pray with us… and fear not that you will be called upon if you don’t want to speak aloud.

Our midweek prayer meetings are vital to the health of our church. We had 2 men trust Christ this past Lord’s Day… men we’ve prayed for in prayer meeting. This blog post is not long enough to list all the times we’ve prayed on Wednesday and seen God answer those prayers.

And this week there’s something special happening right after prayer meeting. We’ll be preparing almost 3000 postcards to send out to our friends and neighbors and community, inviting them to Old Fashioned Sunday on September 8th. If you come to prayer meeting, you can hang afterwards and help do something big for Jesus by helping with that effort. Pizza and pop will be in abundance, so you can plan on eating with us, praying with us, and serving the Lord with us!

It’s going to be a great evening. Don’t miss it!


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