It Is Hard To Enter

A word from Elizabeth Elliot today:

The kingdom of God stands over against all other kingdoms—that is, over against all other authorities, sources of power, objects of trust. It is hard to enter the kingdom of God—not because an angel is set to keep us out, not because God would surround Himself with a highly selected elite, but because the condition for admittance is renunciation of all other kingdoms. The wealthy stranger who ran up to Jesus and knelt and inquired how he might receive eternal life “went away with a heavy heart” (Mark 10:22). He did not want to pay the price of entrance—a shift in the source of his trust from money (which seemed concrete and dependable) to this “Good Master” (v. 17) (who asked everything visible and dependable in exchange for what was invisible and seemingly very undependable). Every day we are asked which kingdom we choose. Is it, in the last analysis, “Thine” or “mine” that I most desire? What is it that my most earnest prayers are directed toward?

May we choose His kingdom today!


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