How We Do Church During Lockdown

How We Do Church During Lockdown

Since we are unable to meet together in person, we are using several methods and tools to keep in contact, to worship together, and to just “do church.”

The CENTRAL HUB for every piece of information and every activity at the church during the lockdown is this church website. Make sure and bookmark the Friendship Bible Church website and check it often. The bubbles in the middle of the page when you first visit the website point to several crucial areas you need to visit. One of those is the section of the website you are visiting now – the Pastor’s BLOG. ALL announcements and information will be posted there.

Another of the bubbles takes you to the church Youtube channel, which is “Friendship Bible Church Happenings.” It is where all church videos reside, and so if you’re looking for one of the service videos, look there. If you hit the subscribe button and click on the bell icon,  you’ll be notified of every new video that is added.

Another of the bubbles takes you to the Online Giving site, where you can enter a one time or recurring gift. Of course, you can always simply mail your tithes and offerings to the church, or drop it off at the church, but if you prefer online giving, the option is available. Even though the church building is closed for now, the expenses are still happening, so every gift… every tithe and offering… is a blessing.

There are a couple other things you should be aware of:

  1. The church podcast is where all audio content is available. This is where the sermon audio has been stored for the last few years, and now we are adding additional podcast content, such as the Fresh Bread podcasts and others yet to be produced. If you listen to podcasts, you can look for Friendship Bible Church in your podcast app (there might be more than one, so select the one with the picture of our church building on it). If needed, you can add the podcast to your app manually by subscribing to Again, if you turn on notifications for this, you’ll be notified when new content is added.
  2. GotoMeeting – This internet / teleconferencing app enables us to meet together when separated and stuck in our homes. We will use this for Wednesday evening prayer meetings, and other meetings as needed. If you are involved in a meeting using this tool, you will receive an invitation. If you think you should be included in a meeting invitation and haven’t seen one in your email (for example, for Wednesday Prayer meeting), then please email and I’ll send you an invite.
  3. Church Directory – This is our central database that contains all the contact information for the flock. If you are not receiving emails, then it’s almost certainly because we don’t have your email information. If you’re not receiving text messages, then it’s almost certainly because we don’t have a cell phone number for you. You can check this and update it yourself in the SimpleChurchCRM app. Or, you can notify the church office of what needs updated and we’ll do it for you. During this time, we really need to have all the contact information up to date so we can stay close.

If you have questions about any of these tools or methods, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the church office – 330-325-7836×2… or via email at

I hope and pray we are together again soon, but until then, let’s thank the Lord for the tools and technologies available to us so that we can continue to “do church!”


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