Food Distribution for School Kids

Food Distribution for School Kids

Just a quick update about the effort to provide lunches for school kids during the school closure. Here is the most recent plan, and the one we will be utilizing going forward:

Tuesdays and Fridays there will be food bags delivered to the church by 10:00 AM. We will need a few people (don’t need a lot, just a few) to distribute these bags in two ways:

From 11-12 we will be open for people to come to the church and receive a bag. 

From 10-12 we will be delivering some of the bags to those who have no way to get to the church. The school will be providing the routes and the addresses to whom we will deliver. These routes will be nice and efficient, as they will basically follow the bus routes.

If there are a couple of people willing to drive and deliver, and a couple people willing to man the fort here and distribute from the church foyer, we’ll have this handled.

Note that deliveries will simply be porch deliveries – no contact… just leave it on the porch and go. The same with those picking up. They’ll come to the door where we will hand them a bag and let them go.

Please pray about this and call me at the church if you want to be part of this effort. 330-325-7836×2. 



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