Family Worship for Mother’s Day – May 10, 2020

Family Worship for Mother’s Day – May 10, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day ladies! So many things are different this year, and having to celebrate our Mother’s Day service without gathering at the church is just another to add to the list! But we hope and pray, it is the only time that will happen. Next year, we pray if we’re not in heaven with Jesus, we’ll be together and celebrating Mother’s Day as a gathered church. We usually give a gift and a flower to all the ladies in attendance. We can’t do the flower this year, but we do have a small gift that should be showing up in your mailbox this week. Watch for that!

Well, here is the family worship plan for this coming Lord’s Day – Mother’s Day:

The video for this week is on on our Youtube channel here. It will be available Sunday morning.

Prior to watching the video, gather your group together and pray together. This week pray not only for your own personal prayer requests, but also for FBC as we move slowly toward reopening our services. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the leadership of the church. Pray for all the area churches which are moving in the same direction.

Read John 1:1-5 together. A few questions to talk through together:

  1. What or who is John talking about in verse 1 when he uses the phrase “the word”.
  2. Brainstorm that phrase a bit. Try and get your group to discover everything John tells us about “the Word” in verses 1-5. (You should be able to find at least 8 things.)
  3. Thinking back to last week’s sermon, what is the key verse of the gospel of John? We called it John’s purpose statement for writing the book – what was that verse?

Watch the video together. Make sure and sing along where prompted to in the worship songs.

After the video concludes talk about the closing questions. Ask them of each other, and pray very specifically about any questions some in your group might have concerning those questions.

Close in prayer if you haven’t already done so.

Happy Mother’s Day ladies!


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