Family Worship – April 26, 2020

Family Worship – April 26, 2020

The video for this week will be available on the “Friendship Bible Church Happenings” Youtube channel on Sunday morning.

PRIOR TO watching the video:

  • First – gather and pray together. Spend some time sharing personal prayer requests and praises together, and then pray. Try to think of at least one member of Friendship Bible Church who might be alone this morning, and pray for them very specifically. If you can’t think of somebody, pull out the church directory app and pick a name or two from there to pray for.
  • Read Exodus 14:1-31 together and talk about it. Here are a few questions to talk through from that passage, before watching the video: “Do you believe that this happened exactly as the Bible says? If not, why not?” “What does this passage tell us about our God?” “What do you think the response to such a thing would be in the hearts and minds of the children of Israel? How would they feel toward the God who delivered them?” “How should this passage make us feel about our God?”

AFTER you’ve done the above, watch the video together. You can find it on Youtube at this link. Talk about it – especially about the questions displayed on the last couple slides.

FINALLY, pray together one last time.


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