Family Worship – April 19, 2020

Family Worship – April 19, 2020

The video for this week will be available on the “Friendship Bible Church Happenings” Youtube channel on Sunday morning.

PRIOR TO watching the video, please spend a few minutes together and work through the list below. Don’t just watch the video. Talk to each other… pray together… read together… make the worship time a true family time.

  • First – gather and pray together. Spend some time sharing personal prayer requests and praises together, and then pray.
  • Read Romans 5:12-21 together and talk about it. Talk about this question – “What does the word “sin” mean?”

AFTER you’ve done the above, watch the video together. You can find it on Youtube at this link. When the video is over, talk about one more question -“Why does Jesus’ cousin John refer to him as the “Lamb of God” in John 1:29?”

FINALLY, pray together one last time.


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