Easter Weekend Services

Easter Weekend Services

Here are the links for the Easter services:

Good Friday Service – available this evening at 6:30

Resurrection Sunday Service – available Sunday morning at 9:30

And here are some suggestions for viewing these videos:

BEFORE watching the videos, please spend a few minutes together and work through the list below. If you only watch the videos, you will be losing out on much of what God can and will do in your home through these times. Don’t waste the opportunity to talk together and pray together as a family!

  • Gather your family and pray together. Spend some time sharing personal prayer requests and praises together, and then pray.
  • For the Good Friday service, make sure you have supplies ready for communion before watching the video.
  • For the Good Friday service, spend a few minutes and discuss this question amongst yourselves – “What does Jesus dying on the cross mean to me, personally?”
  • For the Easter service, spend a few minutes and discuss these questions amongst yourselves – “What would the world be like if there were no Easter?” “How would my life, personally, be different if there were no Easter?”

AFTER you’ve done the above, watch the videos together.

Pray together one last time.




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