Big Stuff In The Works!

Big Stuff In The Works!

Just a few things happening over the next few weeks here at Friendship Bible Church. You won’t want to miss them. And we need you to be greatly in prayer concerning all of them:

First – Vacation Bible School is now only a couple weeks away! Pray pray pray, and sign up your kids and grandkids so we can plan properly. Pray for little souls to come to Christ!

Second – Tenth Anniversary Celebration for Friendship Bible Church – the entire month of July! We reorganized the Randolph Christian Church as Friendship Bible Church in July of 2009, and so we are commemorating that event all month! Activities, music, and celebration every Sunday during July.

Third – Part of the 10th anniversary celebration will be a 3 day prophecy conference headed up by world renowned prophecy scholar Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, July 7-9.

Three things you ought to do with this information:

  1. Pray about each and everyone of these things.
  2. Put them on your calendar so you won’t forget and miss out on any of them.
  3. Tell everybody you can about them!


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