Posts from June 2022

Got Questions?

Bring them with you to the Bible Talk with the Elders this evening – 6:30 PM, in place of our regular prayer meeting. Tonight we will discuss questions about the end times, about current events, about Christian living, and about anything else that you might want to ask. See you at 6:30!


A couple of really cool things are happening this weekend at FBC: The first Campfire Fellowship is happening on Saturday at 5PM. These things are always wonderful opportunities to get to know the church family better in a “non-churchy” setting. Bring a lawn chair a dish to pass if you’re able (if not don’t worry for there’s always plenty of food), and plan on having a fun filled and food filled time with your brothers and sisters in Christ. We…

Shall We Gather At The River (or pond)?

This evening we will baptizing our sister Chloe Dean at the Ross pond. It would be wonderful to have some of the church family join us and rejoice with Chloe as she takes this vital step of obedience. We will gather at the home of Pastor Phil and Myrna (4997 Bassett Rd., Atwater) at 6:30. Oh and BTW, if others need to be baptized, you’ll have the opportunity this evening! See you there?

Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?

That’s right… it’s PRAYER MEETING TIME. Don’t let summer keep you from joining us for prayer meeting every Wednesday at 6:30. There is nothing more important, so don’t let Satan tell you otherwise. We curtail Sunday School in the summer, but Prayer Meeting continues. So join us this evening at 6:30 for just one hour. You won’t regret it.