Posts from July 2020

The Work Continues

Repair work to the church building continues today. It’s nice to see progress on this latest project related to the building. Keep an eye out, for there is much more to come. If the Lord allows, there will soon be a new church sign, and then a new multipurpose facility!  Phase 3 of the building program, Lord willing, is marching on! But… the church is not the building, is it? The building is just where the local church meets, and…

Weekend Update

Some good stuff happening this weekend: Tonight (Thursday) 6:30 PM (Well, technically not the weekend, but I’ll include it anyway.) – MEN’S BIBLE STUDY at the Johnson home. I had planned to make pizza on the grill for this, but the weather does not look like it will be cooperating, so Kathy will make something for the guys to eat, instead. I know… you’re truly disappointed. 😉 Whether you’ve attended these studies in the past or not, please join us…

Weekend Update

Lot’s of stuff happening! Phase 3. Communion. Men’s ministries. Women of the Word. Dual services on the Lord’s Day! Don’t miss out on what’s happening here at FBC!