Posts from August 2019

Q&A – May Women Teach In The Church?

The question was asked recently – is it ever right for a woman to teach in the local church, considering Paul’s words in 1 Timothy 2:12? Here are a few thoughts on that: The sermon series on 1 Timothy that was referenced in the video may be found here, with the relevant chapters being chapters 4-6 in the document. (Note that this older sermon series is not a full manuscript, but rather my unedited sermon notes. Hopefully, they are still…

Macro or Micro?

That’s the question for prayer meeting this Wednesday. Want to know more? Join us at 6:30 as we open the word, fellowship with one another, and pray together. You need not pray aloud. God hears whether silent or aloud, so just come… join us… pray with us… and fear not that you will be called upon if you don’t want to speak aloud. Our midweek prayer meetings are vital to the health of our church. We had 2 men trust…

What’s So Special About Thursday?

CHICKS, that’s what! Guest speaker tonight talking about essential oils… food theme is Mexican… continuing the study in Nehemiah. Bring new or gently used adult sized ladies clothing to donate to Rahab ministries. and MENS’ BIBLE STUDY. Video lesson on slaying the giant of failure… right after we sample the Mexican food from the CHICKs meeting! Both start at 6:30.